Golf Tips – How To Stop Your Shots From Ballooning To Right And Falling Short

Many golfers complain the can’t hit their irons very far. This summer I played with a friend of mine who asked me for help. I quickly discovered he made good contact with his driver but very weak contact with his irons often coming up short and to the right. Clearly he is in the beginning stages of learning the game but I could see he had potential from being a baseball player.

Every golfer wants to hit the crisp solid looking irons. And I can’t think of too many things that are more irritating than a weak shot to the right that comes up short.

I worked with him on the basic fundamentals such as grip, posture and aim but he still hit weak shots with his irons. It baffled me at first but then I realized what he was doing.

Hitting right shots often are a result from trying to help the ball up in the air which is exactly what many beginning golfers think they need to do. Nothing could be further from the truth with your irons. What ends up happening is they will hang back on their right side trying to scoop the ball in the air and as a result hit the high weak shot to the right.

Since my buddy was a baseball player this is exactly what he was doing. Baseball swings do not transfer the weight to the left side like the golf swing does. And shifting and transferring weight to the left side in golf to be able to cover the ball is crucial to solid golf shots.

To be a good iron player you need to hit down and through the ball not thinking about helping it up in the air. The loft on your irons naturally take care of this for you. To fix this problem here are a couple swing thoughts.

Here are a couple tips to help you from hitting weak right shots that come up way short of your intended target:

1. your weight moving forward thought your shot all the way over to your left side through the downswing and finish. Your hands and arms follow your torso.

2. Try and make the back of your left hand is hitting the back of the ball. Your left hand should be facing the target. This helps keep the true loft of the iron you’re hitting rather than increasing loft due to you trying to help it in the air. Do this and you should hit more greens.

From your Scottsdale private golf club President

To My Fellow Member at our Scottsdale Golf Club, The Country Club at DC Ranch ,I cannot believe that we are already into October with the course closed for overseeding as we prepare for the rapidly approaching winter season at our Scottsdale private golf Club.

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A huge thank you to all of our Scottsdale golf club volunteers, from our Board to all of our Committee Members, that help make this Scottsdale private golf Club work better. This is a working Club with many working Club Members! Many thanks for all you do. Please know that your efforts do not go without being noticed you are the very best. THANK YOU!! This has been a year none of us will ever forget with a record number of new members becoming part of our great Scottsdale private golf Club. I want to wish all those I have not yet met a very warm welcome. As we continue to listen to all of you, we hope that we are making a difference in your Scottsdale golf Club experiences. If, however, any Member is unhappy for any reason, please let me or anyone from our Board know about it. What makes DC Ranch special and different is the total experience the whole package so to speak. If we are not exceeding your expectations, we want to know.

Lastly, as a fellow member of our Scottsdale private golf Club, I ask that you please support your Club the best that you can. Always remind yourself that, by using the Club first, it helps all of us in the long run. So when you are thinking about where to go on that Saturday night for dinner, think about trying the Scottsdale golf Club and see what our new Chef might have to offer. Or, when you need a new set of clubs or a dozen golf balls, buy them at your own Golf Shop! I guess what I am saying is buy where you are not just a Member, but an owner a partner with each of us. Thats DC Ranch. It is a bargain in the end. Be proud of your Club. Thanks for being a part of the experience. See you next time, Jon C. Flora.

The Best Way To Clean Your Golf Cart

Follow these tips to clean your golf cart and protect the finish.

If possible, park your golf cart in the shade and in an area that allows the water to run off onto a permeable surface, such as a gravel driveway, patch of dirt, or grassy area. This prevents any chemical pollutants from running directly into the storm drain, where they make their way untreated into nearby lakes and streams.

Remove any equipment from the cart that could be damaged if it gets wet. Take out the floor mats and clean the floorboards with a broom or shop vac. Scrub the floor as needed and rinse with water. Let dry.

If you have removable seat covers, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to wash and dry your covers. Wipe down the vinyl seats with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner if needed. Wipe down the dash, steering wheel, and any interior plastic parts with a damp cloth and mild cleaner.

Next comes the body of your cart. Fill two buckets-one with an all-purpose golf cart solution diluted in water and the other with clean water. ask anything A soft sponge will do; however, to avoid scratching your cart’s finish, you may want to use a sheepskin wash mitt. This is your best bet to avoid catching dirt or grit and grinding it deeper into your cart’s finish.

Rinse the wash mitt in clean water and rinse the cart. Clean your cart in sections to avoid letting the soapy water dry on your finish before rinsing. Dry off the cart with soft, clean towels, such as microfiber or waffle-weave. Apply a fresh coat of wax if needed. Scrub the tires with soapy water and a stiff brush. Detail tires as needed.

Take extra care when washing your windshield. There are two basic types of windshield material: acrylic and polycarbonate. Both materials can scratch, but poly scratches more easily. Use mild soapy water and a soft cotton or microfiber cloth to clean your windshield and mirrors. Never use paper towels or glass cleaners such as Windex on your windshield. These could scratch the surface. You can add a bit of automatic dish detergent to prevent spotting. Blot your windshield dry.

If your windshield is already scratched, you may be able to rub out surface scratches with a special windshield polish. You can also use a restorer to freshen up fiberglass, plastic, rubber, and other surfaces on your golf cart.

Cleaning your golf cart on a regular basis will help keep your cart looking as good as new. You can also keep it clean between washes for longer with a golf cart storage cover that slips on and off easily and includes a zipper for convenient access to the interior.

Play Golf Better With Good Feet Positioning

The feet play an active role in the golf pattern. The placement of the feet at the address has as much importance as the other components in the golf swing. All must be coordinated in a fluid movement to obtain the maximum power and precision of the shot that is humanly possible.

Foot action is also involved in attaining the proper body balance. While the head acts as a mobile anchor for the hips and legs, leg power and balance can be destroyed by improper weight distribution and faulty placement of the feet, the result being a golfer who uses just his shoulders and hands to play the game.

The weight of the body should be evenly distributed between both feet with a feeling of being back on the heels rather than forward on the toes. The knees should be flexed toward each other, putting pressure on the inside of the right foot. This distribution of weight results in a solid attachment to the earth and prevents your feet from flying off the ground with the force of the swing. Please do not confuse solid attachment with planting your feet. Having your feet and legs planted is a static position.

There is a mobile action most top players employ, known as the forward press, that is barely perceptible to the eye. It is a slight shifting of the weight from the right to the left foot and back to the right foot to start the motion of the backswing. This foot action sets up the winding and unwinding of the body and allows the feet and legs to work through the ball on balance.

There should be no difficulty in acquiring the proper stance. The two most obvious faults are standing with the feet pigeon-toed, or with the feet turned out to excess. These faults must be guarded against because it is quite natural for some people to stand that way since they walk in the same manner. Either position makes it impossible to execute a correct body pivot.

In positioning the feet properly, place the right foot straight ahead of you on the intended line of flight with a slight pressure of weight on the inside of the foot. The left foot is placed on the same line with the toe slightly open. This is a square stance.

There are three golf stances that are used with good results. The closed stance, the open stance and the square stance. Each one of these stances have been employed by the best players for individual reasons. Each stance influences the motion of the body and the plane of the swing.

Probably a majority of golf pros have found that the closed stance has been more effective for the greatest majority of golfers for the shots that require power and distance. In most cases a closed stance puts a right-to-left diagonal overspin on the ball resulting in the type of shot that will attain more distance, while an open stance will produce a left-to-right ball with backspin. The closed stance will not necessarily generate a hooked ball, but will most certainly help overcome a slice.

Since the biggest thrill in golf is getting distance off the tee, the closed stanceis recommended for woods and long irons, a square stance for the medium irons, and an open stance for the short irons. The basic reasoning behind the closed position on long shots is that the body is allowed more freedom to make a full turn, since the right hip is back out of the way. The hands and the clubhead travel on an inside-to-out path without any conscious effort on the player’s part. To many this is a big advantage in acquiring a repeating pattern.

In placing the feet for the closed stance the right foot is pulled back of the left. How much is up to the individual and has to be experimented with until the proper position is found.

With the open stance the left foot is pulled back slightly. Accuracy, not distance, is required of the short irons. A short upright swing is taken and very little body turn is necessary. The open golf stance induces the upright path of the club which puts backspin on the ball. There are a few individuals who can use the open stance for distance with success, but from observation it looks as though they are in the minority. In most cases the open stance, when used for driving or fairway woods, will result in the sliced shot.

The fault with most golfers is that they do not pay enough attention to the way in which they take their stance. Placing the feet two inches off the intended line of flight can multiply into twenty yards in the flight of the ball to the left or right of the target. Take the time to make sure your feet are in proper alignment, with good balance.

Last, but not least, don’t stand with the feet any wider than the width of the shoulders, and ensure that the ball is correctly placed for each particular shot.

Golf The Lure of the Game

Golf is more than just a sport. It is an obsession, addiction, and a way of life. Why do golfers enjoy golf so much? After all; what could be so exciting about walking around a field, and swinging a stick at a ball? I mean come on! Golf is just a boring non-contact sport that old people play; a “good walk spoiled,” as Mark Twain once said. Or is it?

I can tell you one thousand reasons, why I like golf so much. Just within the past couple years, it has become my obsession. The summer is the one time of the year that I look forward to; because I get to spend it at the golf course. Let me try explain to you the lure of golf. I dont think I can justify the beauty of the game in words, but I will attempt it. I am going to try and explain why golfers are so nuts about golf.

The Addiction

The first time I attempted to go out on a golf course, I of course, was not a very good golfer. I did take naturally to the sport though, and my friends were pretty impressed. At first the game was frustrating, because I could not finish a hole. I just had to keep trying though! I would have a relatively nice shot every once in awhile. Each time I had a little taste of success with my hit, I would crave that feeling more and more. Eventually, I pared a hole! I wanted to par every hole; just paring one hole wasnt good enough for me.

The rest of that summer, I continued to go golfing on a very regular basis. By the end of the summer I was out playing every single day. Each day, my goal was to beat my current personal best score. I became a perfectionist at golf, and would get mad if I messed up on a shot. Basically, I became addicted to the game that summer; and golf has been a part of my life ever since.

The Environment

So golf is a boring sport for old people, huh? NO! I cant think of any sport that is half as entertaining as golf. In baseball, football, and soccer, you are stuck within a 100 yard radius the entire game. In golf, you are never in the same place for more than a few minutes. You are able to spend time in the great outdoors, enjoying the weather, and scenery.

I love golf, because I can either play by myself, or it can be a social sport. Going out on the course, and walking eighteen holes alone provides for some great thinking and reflecting time. At the same time, golf can be played with other people, and is an ideal activity in which to bond with other people.

Not to mention, what other sport can you get drunk while playing and sometimes even play better drunk than sober! “Party Golf,” as I call it, can either loosen you up enough to hit the ball smoothly; or can be disastrous, depending on how many beverages are consumed. Either way; it is fun! The Social Aspect

By far, my favorite part of golf is the social aspect of the game. I have met some of the most awesome people, and have befriended individuals that I never thought I would ever socialize with.

Golf Club Staff Bags

As the touring golf pros play their competitive rounds, they are accompanied by two very important accessories; the indispensable caddy and their staff bag. The tour staff bag is an important part of the golfer’s arsenal. It easily carries the full component of fourteen clubs and has lots of pockets for golf balls, golf shoes, hats, tees and all the other little pieces of equipment that get the touring pros through their rounds. As the pro strolls down the fairway, the caddy carries the staff bag that, loaded, can easily weigh over fifty pounds.

A golf club staff bag is rarely carried by the average golfer, but happily placed on the golf cart. The more adventurous walkers usually use a Carry Golf Bag. However, if a “hold absolutely everything” golf bag is needed, staff bags do fit nicely on the average golf cart.

Where do you get a Golf Club Staff Bag? All themajor brands certainly have them in their online stores or at your friendly pro shop. Favorite choices are those from Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Ping, Taylor Made, Titleist and Wilson. Wilson is now offering golf bags made in China at, we understand, very
competitive prices. Staff bags are also made by well known golf bag manufactures like Mizuno and Ogio.

You can also have a custom staff bag made with your name, company logo or some other significant decoration.

I use a staff bag and it becomes a happy home for everything I use on the golf course. In addition to my full complement of golf clubs, there are pockets and storage areas for balls, tees, markers and my trusty distance gauge as well as golf gloves and shoes and several other golfing accessories. A large pocket in the bottom even has room for my rain gear, an extra sweater or two and there is even space for a nutrition bar, snacks and a tasty beverage.

While it’s a bit heavy from the car to the clubhouse, once the staff bag is on the cart, weight doesn’t matter.

One slight problem is that all these clubs and golf accessories have a tendency to take up permanent residence unless a conscious effort is made to take time to empty the contents and remove all the wrappers, empties, ripped golf gloves and all the other nasty things that have taken up residence over the past few months.

Since you have spent a couple hundred dollars on this beauty, this is also the perfect time to clean up the staff bag. The best way to do this is to put a little dishwashing soap and water in a container. Spray the bag with a hose or wipe it with a wet rag to get it wet. Then, using an old towel or wash cloth aggressively clean the bag. Take some time and get rid of any dirt pockets that can build up in any nooks and crannies. Be more careful on any embroidered or velour covered areas.

Once your golf staff bag is cleaned to your satisfaction, prepare it for drying. This is also a great time to, literally, get it back into shape. Fill the pockets and storage areas of your staff golf bag with paper of regular towels. Don’t overfill and make sure all the zippers close and the snaps snap. Let it dry for twenty four hours, indoors or in a shady area to prevent any fading. You can also use leather or vinyl cleaners, but good old soap and water works just fine.

The next day, remove the towels and presto, its almost like brand new.

If you can handle the weight and don’t forget it needs a little loving care and feeding, your staff golf bag can be your best friend on the golf course.